Christmas play

We received a parcel!!!

We received your parcel on 20th December. We were really excited.
It was wonderful.

Christmas parcel

Our dear friends!
We sent you a parcel on 9th December. We hope you will like it.

Best wishes
Polish team :-)

Our school in England


In our classroom in England

Our friends from England :-)

Hello We are the year two children from St Pauls Primary school in Woodhouse Eaves in England. We have just been looking at the blog. We enjoyed looking at the photographs of your classes and seeing what your classrooms look like!

We have a blue uniform at our school. Our classes are named after the year group that we are in. For example we are in year 2 so our class is called Class2. Our teacher is called Mrs Hallam. We like her and she is kind. She makes our lessons fun. She teaches us everything. We are very excited to be working with you on our project and we are looking forward to making you all some Christmas cards. We are starting to think about our play too.

Let's introduce ourselves.

Today we want to show you our photos.
We are in class 2d. Our class teacher is Mrs Edyta Kadej. She teaches us how to count, do sums, express ourselves, our feelings, protect the environment etc. To be honest, she teaches us everything :-)
We really like her because she is patient, kind and understanding.
Our English teacher is Małgorzata Szewczak. She teaches us English.We do everything in order to learn some basic words and communicate with you.

We are in class 1c. Our class teacher is Mrs Katarzyna Wąsowska ( you can see her in the photo). That's our first year at school. We are really happy and excited. We learn how to count, write letters. Our English teacher, Mrs Iwona Doszko teaches us English.